Our cactus seed oil: Tunisian and Organic

Cactus oil originated from prickly pear trees which grow everywhere in Tunisia. In spring, we can admire the yellow flowers on the cactus leaves, while in summer they grow into prickly pears, or Barbary figs, of multiple colors. Some are green and others are yellow or tinted with red, but no matter their color, they are all delicious and tasty.

figue de barbarie huile
figue de barbarie huile

Our brand A warranty of quality

The brand Organic Cactus Seed Oil – Origin Tunisia is a national initiative that has been launched to promote oil from Tunisian prickly pear seeds with certified organic characteristics. The brand was launched by the Tunisian State in collaboration with Tunisian companies, which operate in the organic cosmetics sector.

Secrets of production

Our organic cactus seed oil is a precious vegetable oil. It takes 30 kilos of prickly pear seeds, or nearly a ton of fruits, to get a liter of the oil.
huile de figue de barbarie
figue de barbarie huile


Cactus oil has so much success, it is thanks to the richness of its components. Our oil is full of vitamin E (the antioxidant par excellence) and Omega 6 (a linoleic acid that provides softness and elasticity to the skin). In addition to its exceptional composition, our organic cactus seed oil is characterized by a natural and pleasant odor as well as a light texture, which facilitates its application.


‘The magic of organic cactus seed oil and its multiple beauty secrets’


This campaign was launched by the Directorate General of Organic Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, in collaboration with Tunisian companies operating in the organic cosmetics sector and with the support of the PAMPAT project implemented by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and financed by SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).


huile de figue de barbarie